Grilled Food: get to know its advantages

Grilling or chargrilling is known to be one of the most ancient cooking techniques, as well as being one of the healthiest.

Grilling in this case, in our restaurant in Pollensa, is done in a Josper Oven which guarantees maximum taste and perfect cooking. The heat spreads evenly around the surface which allows us to obtain a juicy and textured result.

Although lots of us already know some of the benefits which this kind of cooking has, do we really know about everything it can offer us?

Benefits of grilled cooking

  1. Less calories. This kind of cooking is ideal for those who love eating healthily. Cooking can be done with just a little bit of oil or none at all, as well as accompanied by aromatic herbs, which mixed with juices, creates a stupendous symphony of flavours for our taste buds.
  1. Preserves the original nutrients better. This way of cooking, unlike others, guarantees that the foods’ nutrients remain nearly intact. The products cook mainly in their own juice as for example vegetables do. Grilled vegetables keep all of their vitamins and minerals, as well as their taste which magnifies with this cooking process.
  1. Speedy cooking time. Cooking time is much quicker than using a conventional oven, and assures the product will be as cooked inside as it will out.

As you can see there are lots of benefits you can find in grilled food, as well as those which we probably don’t know about yet!


The best grills in our restaurant in Pollensa

We’re waiting for you at La Braseria Pollensa, where you’ll be able to find a wide variety of dishes cooked in our Josper Oven, which for sure will leave you wanting another bite.

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