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Romantic restaurant in Mallorca

If you are looking for a romantic restaurant in Mallorca, l’Illa Café & Bistro is your place

When love reaches our doors we can’t help but wanting to give the best we have to offer. Lots of times we wish to surprise someone by taking them to romantic places, or trying to create the perfect situation, but we don’t know exactly where. We perhaps think of the low lighting of candles accompanied by their charming aroma, or maybe we are more identified with a sweet conversation in a calm and pleasant atmosphere. However the way, for sure that every important event is accompanied by a delicious meal, true? Because in the end what we appreciate the most are small moments which make us happy, those which we know the only place we can keep them forever is in our minds.

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We wish to be your main romantic restaurant in Mallorca

At l’illa we wish to be those who help you create that special memory. Our location is exceptional. We are situated on the pacific and peaceful Mediterranean sea, on the small and charming island of Mallorca, in the friendly northern town of Port of Pollensa. We are proud of our location which has been inspiration to many great artists and writers of all time, and who know, if they have found somewhere to fall in love with here, then why not you?

Pollensa, land of Romantics

The town of Pollensa has been home to beautiful poems such as “the pine tree of Formentor” by Miquel Costa I LLobera, or has also been used to create characters such as Hercules Poirot, the detective which was born from the hand of the mythical writer Agatha Christie.

Our menu has varied dishes created especially so that every client can find a hand tailored dish to suit them. If you are looking for delicious tapas in Pollensa, we have a tapas menu created for a minimum of 2 people. This menu offers different tapas to choose from like Andalusian squids, cod with tomato and peppers, or homemade meatballs. This menu also has 2 options: 6 tapas to choose from, or 6 tapas and a bottle of which, so that you can decide if you wish to accompany your food or not with the best taste from our selected wineries.


Desserts are fundamental in the best romantic restaurant in Mallorca

Obviously we can find different meat, pasta, fish, paella or salad dishes in our restaurants, and desserts must not be left aside. That delicious final end which leaves us with a sweeter sensation than when we arrived, which can never be missing from a romantic restaurant in Mallorca.

What to see in Pollensa before dining?

To arrive hungry and enjoy the food even more, we recommend you to venture a little further than the port of Pollensa to Formentor lighthouse, located on the Cabo of Formentor. There you will find a magnificent view point which offers us views to amazing cliffs and the sea and where the sunset is spectacular and blends the ski with the sea. To see how the colours change, different tones from light blue passing through yellow and red until reaching dark blue of the night ski which allows us to see thousands of stars, is a natural sight which cannot be missed and which will surprise your loved ones in just a short bike or car ride. (If you think the lighthouse is too far awayyou can also just stop at the Formentor Viewing point called Es Colomer, which is also very pretty).

On the other hand, if you think romance isn’t just for couples, we are also waiting for you! Visit us with your friends or family and show them how much you love them by bringing them to this amazing part of the island.