Josper Oven, the jewel of our restaurant in Pollensa, La Braseria

At La Braseria Pollensa we wish to offer quality dishes which reflect both our Chef David Ribes’ innovative flare as well as Pollensa town’s tradition.

Our excellently cooked grilled dishes offer unique presentation which delights all of the senses and turns what would be simply a traditional dish into a whole new experience.

We work hard for it, mixing creativity with the best local products, and as the good professionals we are, we know that our Restaurant in Pollensa sometimes needs small details which complement it. That’s why we have a fantastic Josper Oven.


What are Josper Ovens?

Such as the Brand defines itself: “JOSPER is an elegant combination between a grill and an oven, all in one machine”.

What we achieve with the Josper Oven at La Braseria are excellent results such as:

  • Fast cooking time. Its closure allows the temperature to surround the product and therefore cook it quicker.
  • Complete hygiene: All of the ashes accumulate in its inferior deposit.
  • Unique grilling quality. The firewood gives an exclusive flavour, as well as an exquisite texture.
  • Excellent results

These marvellous results can be seen reflected in each and every one of the dishes cooked in our Josper Oven.

cocina-brasa-pollensa-06  cocina-brasa-pollensa-16  cocina-brasa-pollensa-04

On our restaurant in Pollensa’s menu you’ll be able to find dishes such as:

  • Angus Picanha.
  • La Braseria Burger.
  • Grilled strip.
  • Chicken.
  • T-Bone.
  • Octopus.
  • King prawns.
  • Turbot
  • Daily fresh fish.

Each of these dishes is cooked to perfection on our grill which offers an exclusive flavour which for sure will leave you wanting more. On the other hand, if you wish to discover our whole menu, we recommend you go to our Restaurant in Pollensa’s section ( where you’ll be able to find all of our menu’s (breakfast, midday, evening and wine list).

We also recommend you book via our telephone number ( for better attention and guaranteed table reservation.

Grilled Food: get to know its advantages

Grilling or chargrilling is known to be one of the most ancient cooking techniques, as well as being one of the healthiest.

Grilling in this case, in our restaurant in Pollensa, is done in a Josper Oven which guarantees maximum taste and perfect cooking. The heat spreads evenly around the surface which allows us to obtain a juicy and textured result.

Although lots of us already know some of the benefits which this kind of cooking has, do we really know about everything it can offer us?

Benefits of grilled cooking

  1. Less calories. This kind of cooking is ideal for those who love eating healthily. Cooking can be done with just a little bit of oil or none at all, as well as accompanied by aromatic herbs, which mixed with juices, creates a stupendous symphony of flavours for our taste buds.
  1. Preserves the original nutrients better. This way of cooking, unlike others, guarantees that the foods’ nutrients remain nearly intact. The products cook mainly in their own juice as for example vegetables do. Grilled vegetables keep all of their vitamins and minerals, as well as their taste which magnifies with this cooking process.
  1. Speedy cooking time. Cooking time is much quicker than using a conventional oven, and assures the product will be as cooked inside as it will out.

As you can see there are lots of benefits you can find in grilled food, as well as those which we probably don’t know about yet!


The best grills in our restaurant in Pollensa

We’re waiting for you at La Braseria Pollensa, where you’ll be able to find a wide variety of dishes cooked in our Josper Oven, which for sure will leave you wanting another bite.

For more information about our products and reservations, please don’t hesitate to contact us: (

Romantic restaurant in Mallorca

If you are looking for a romantic restaurant in Mallorca, l’Illa Café & Bistro is your place

When love reaches our doors we can’t help but wanting to give the best we have to offer. Lots of times we wish to surprise someone by taking them to romantic places, or trying to create the perfect situation, but we don’t know exactly where. We perhaps think of the low lighting of candles accompanied by their charming aroma, or maybe we are more identified with a sweet conversation in a calm and pleasant atmosphere. However the way, for sure that every important event is accompanied by a delicious meal, true? Because in the end what we appreciate the most are small moments which make us happy, those which we know the only place we can keep them forever is in our minds.

restaurante-en-pollensa restaurante-en-pollensa02

We wish to be your main romantic restaurant in Mallorca

At l’illa we wish to be those who help you create that special memory. Our location is exceptional. We are situated on the pacific and peaceful Mediterranean sea, on the small and charming island of Mallorca, in the friendly northern town of Port of Pollensa. We are proud of our location which has been inspiration to many great artists and writers of all time, and who know, if they have found somewhere to fall in love with here, then why not you?

Pollensa, land of Romantics

The town of Pollensa has been home to beautiful poems such as “the pine tree of Formentor” by Miquel Costa I LLobera, or has also been used to create characters such as Hercules Poirot, the detective which was born from the hand of the mythical writer Agatha Christie.

Our menu has varied dishes created especially so that every client can find a hand tailored dish to suit them. If you are looking for delicious tapas in Pollensa, we have a tapas menu created for a minimum of 2 people. This menu offers different tapas to choose from like Andalusian squids, cod with tomato and peppers, or homemade meatballs. This menu also has 2 options: 6 tapas to choose from, or 6 tapas and a bottle of which, so that you can decide if you wish to accompany your food or not with the best taste from our selected wineries.


Desserts are fundamental in the best romantic restaurant in Mallorca

Obviously we can find different meat, pasta, fish, paella or salad dishes in our restaurants, and desserts must not be left aside. That delicious final end which leaves us with a sweeter sensation than when we arrived, which can never be missing from a romantic restaurant in Mallorca.

What to see in Pollensa before dining?

To arrive hungry and enjoy the food even more, we recommend you to venture a little further than the port of Pollensa to Formentor lighthouse, located on the Cabo of Formentor. There you will find a magnificent view point which offers us views to amazing cliffs and the sea and where the sunset is spectacular and blends the ski with the sea. To see how the colours change, different tones from light blue passing through yellow and red until reaching dark blue of the night ski which allows us to see thousands of stars, is a natural sight which cannot be missed and which will surprise your loved ones in just a short bike or car ride. (If you think the lighthouse is too far awayyou can also just stop at the Formentor Viewing point called Es Colomer, which is also very pretty).

On the other hand, if you think romance isn’t just for couples, we are also waiting for you! Visit us with your friends or family and show them how much you love them by bringing them to this amazing part of the island.

Serra de Tramuntana

Serra de TramunTana, paradise with lots of history.

The serra de tramuntana is one of the most precious treasures of the island. It’s a mountain range located in the north of the island which protects its inhabitants from the strong winds and rain, and also give beautiful landscapes of mountains and trees which can be seen from nearly every point of the island.

Serra de tramuntana declared a heritage site

In 2011 it was declared a heritage site by UNESCO due to its beautiful cultural landscape, which has also helped to protect it. Elements such as dry stone constructions and water canalizations are just some of the facts which helped UNESCO to make this decision, because they perfectly reflect authentic Mediterranean agricultural landscape.

In the range we can find 18 towns some of which hold the highest points of the island such as Puig Major, Massanella, l’Ofre or the Puig Tomir.

Each one of these towns has its own history, and its own character. To explain each and every one we must start by parts, so in this post we will explain 9 towns starting from Andratx and finishing with Soller.

Serra de Tramuntana

  • Andratx is the most western town of the Serra de Tramuntana. It is one of the points where the island ends and also a town of great dimensions. It has land and sea and also attractives such as the natural park of Dragonera, a small island located in front of the town and also the natural reserve of la trapa, a finca which monks built with water previsions and dry stone walls. The town has five areas: Andratx, Camp de Mar, Puerto of Andratx, s’Arracó and Sant Elm.
  • Calvia is one of the areas mostly visited by tourists due to its beaches. Its touristic infrastructures in Paguera, Camp de Mar and Magaluf, are combined with daily life of locals and that of those recently arrived. It has 47.900 inhabitants and is land of stories and legends such as “Comte Mal”, which has references to a Duque which used to appear at night mounted by horse and coming from hell.
  • Puigpunyent is a small nucleus of about 2000 inhabitants which has 3 main areas: Puigpunyent, Galilea and Son Serralta. It’s a town different from the ones mentioned before due to it being mainly mountains. It has a large speciality in agriculture and dry stone work. It has “horseshoe paths”, thetype of pathways used for transporting animals. We can see how many antique constructions are still preserved which remind us of Mallorcas past.
  • Estellencs. This town best represents what the spirit of Mallorca was like long before tourism. Its streets remind of the medieval period, and via a road you can reach Cala Estellencs, a pretty entrance to the sea which was used by fishermen as refuge.
  • Esporles is a small interior town of The serra de tramuntana in which we can observe the beauty of its stone houses and narrow ancient streets. Here you will find one of the most popular farms, which has great amounts of history.
  • Banialbufar. This is a coastal town known best for its Ramellet tomatoes, a variety of tomato which is supposed to be the best on the island thanks to their irrigation system originating from the Islamic era.
  • Valdemossa. Known for being one of the prettiest towns of the island and with medieval character, it’s located in a valley and has its own port even being a mountain town. Some of the best writers and musicians have passed through the town such as Chopin or Ruben Dario.
  • Deia. This pretty town is located on a hill which comes from the sea and has some of the prettiest views of all Malloca, for example Son Marroig, where you can see the famous sunset where the sea meets the stars and you can see some of the most beautiful scenery.
  • Soller. A beautiful valley surrounded by orange trees which hides thousands of stories of immigrants, mainly French, which in their day and due to maritime trading they decided to establish themselves in this town. Two of its main attractions include the train and tram, both from the start of the 20th century, which still work today and are a great tourist attraction. It also has hiking routes through the Serra de tamuntana, where most of them end up in Biniaraix, a small habituated nucleus belonging to Soller.

In the serra de tramutana you can also find a wide range of refuges where you can relax if you decide to go from town to town, and also recreational areas which have equipment to facilitate the visit of people who wish to stay the night.

fairs in Mallorca – Pollensa

Some of the best fairs in Mallorca are hidden in Pollensa

It’s not surprising that Pollensa is one of the most visited towns in Mallorca, not only for its wide touristic offer of sun and beaches, but also for its amazing architectural monuments such as its church, or the ancient and well looked after convent of Santo Domingo, and also for its variety of fairs which are celebrated yearly and which hold an enormous offer of products which both residents and visitors can getto know.

If you are looking for craft fairs 2015, this if for you.

The firsttown for which this peculiar town is recognised for is the Fira de l’Artesania (crafts fair). The first writings about such date back to 1784, although there is proof that it was also celebrated before then. Its celebration corresponds to the second sundai of the month of Novembre and lasts a full weekend, from Saturday morning until Sunday night, in other words, the dais of rest for most workers so they can enjoy long walks through various creations which craftsmen from all around Mallorca present.
pollensa-claustro artesania-pollensa

During this weekend not only are there different pieces of art on display but also a weekend of celebrations and parties for Pollensans. Within these dais it’s possible to enjoy the open dais of Pollensas Museum, and also differentdisplays and exhibitions… in other words the people of this town make sure that nothing is missing so that everyone can enjoy a visitto one of the best craft fairs in Mallorca.

The ports’ fair is a look into Port of Pollensa’s past

Another fair which is worth mentioning is the feria del Mar (Sea Fair). This fair is celebrated every year in Port of Pollensa, and shows how the trading and sea life used to be, another option to look at from the diversity of fairs in Mallorca. During the dais of the fair, also weekend, pollensans’ go to the port of Pollensa to enjoy activities such as craft exhibitions, looking at boats, getting to know differenttechniques used by fishermen throughoutthe years and eating.

The intention of the fair is to create a celebration for everyone, from the smallest with activities specially designed for them such as children’s workshops or storytelling, and also dances for those who have helped save this marvellous tradition and who wish to commemorate it.

Wine fairs are raising in number and ours is one of the best

Wine fair. Every year it has new crops determined by the rains, sun and winds which have taken place between each grape harvest. Lots of factors guarantee there will be differenttastes and smells, and a wine is never the same, even though the same products are used to produce it. For these reasons this delicious wine fair in Pollensa was created, to show the new produces of each year and to letthe public be the judge. This event is celebrated in the Claustre of Santo Domingo and has the participation of about 40 wineries from around the island which present around 350 wines from the Balearics. This fair is organised by the association Vi Primitiu, which was born in 1999 and has been celebrated since 2004.

These are the three fairs in Mallorca which are celebrated in Pollensa, and that each year gather people of all nationalities and from all parts to unite in a celebration which revives the culture and history of this pretty town.