fairs in Mallorca – Pollensa

Some of the best fairs in Mallorca are hidden in Pollensa

It’s not surprising that Pollensa is one of the most visited towns in Mallorca, not only for its wide touristic offer of sun and beaches, but also for its amazing architectural monuments such as its church, or the ancient and well looked after convent of Santo Domingo, and also for its variety of fairs which are celebrated yearly and which hold an enormous offer of products which both residents and visitors can getto know.

If you are looking for craft fairs 2015, this if for you.

The firsttown for which this peculiar town is recognised for is the Fira de l’Artesania (crafts fair). The first writings about such date back to 1784, although there is proof that it was also celebrated before then. Its celebration corresponds to the second sundai of the month of Novembre and lasts a full weekend, from Saturday morning until Sunday night, in other words, the dais of rest for most workers so they can enjoy long walks through various creations which craftsmen from all around Mallorca present.
pollensa-claustro artesania-pollensa

During this weekend not only are there different pieces of art on display but also a weekend of celebrations and parties for Pollensans. Within these dais it’s possible to enjoy the open dais of Pollensas Museum, and also differentdisplays and exhibitions… in other words the people of this town make sure that nothing is missing so that everyone can enjoy a visitto one of the best craft fairs in Mallorca.

The ports’ fair is a look into Port of Pollensa’s past

Another fair which is worth mentioning is the feria del Mar (Sea Fair). This fair is celebrated every year in Port of Pollensa, and shows how the trading and sea life used to be, another option to look at from the diversity of fairs in Mallorca. During the dais of the fair, also weekend, pollensans’ go to the port of Pollensa to enjoy activities such as craft exhibitions, looking at boats, getting to know differenttechniques used by fishermen throughoutthe years and eating.

The intention of the fair is to create a celebration for everyone, from the smallest with activities specially designed for them such as children’s workshops or storytelling, and also dances for those who have helped save this marvellous tradition and who wish to commemorate it.

Wine fairs are raising in number and ours is one of the best

Wine fair. Every year it has new crops determined by the rains, sun and winds which have taken place between each grape harvest. Lots of factors guarantee there will be differenttastes and smells, and a wine is never the same, even though the same products are used to produce it. For these reasons this delicious wine fair in Pollensa was created, to show the new produces of each year and to letthe public be the judge. This event is celebrated in the Claustre of Santo Domingo and has the participation of about 40 wineries from around the island which present around 350 wines from the Balearics. This fair is organised by the association Vi Primitiu, which was born in 1999 and has been celebrated since 2004.

These are the three fairs in Mallorca which are celebrated in Pollensa, and that each year gather people of all nationalities and from all parts to unite in a celebration which revives the culture and history of this pretty town.